Millennial maternity

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Any baby conceived over the next few weeks could be born on the eve of the new millennium. Imagine: crowds of drunken revellers will clog the streets as you try to speed to the hospital. And if you do manage to get there, the millennium bug could ensure that all your records have been lost, the doctor’s pager doesn’t work and the baby monitors are on the blink. To help avoid this unhappy event, visit Their tips for conceiving include having sex with the lights on, taking a spoonful of cough medicine and being excited about your partner when you make love—all things you should strictly avoid during this dangerous time. For poor results, they say, try sex under an electric blanket. Some women are taking no risks, however. According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, over ten thousand virgins have taken out insurance policies against an unplanned immaculate conception in 2000. If you think you could be at risk and want to find out more about virgin births, check out Or for an interesting take on what “virgin” actually might have meant, try Bear in mind that some people might actually try to get pregnant for the big day—if only to have a shot at the publicity and prizes that will be lavished on the first child of the millennium. For more on the millennium baby fever, go to Newspapers are bracing themselves to cover the scrum. In Britain, Yorkshire TV has already got its cameras in the bedrooms of would-be millennium parents for its documentary film, Birth Race 2000. If you find you are one of those expectant parents, and want to follow the month-to-month progress of the pregnancy along with your competitors, try searching for the phrase “expecting club”. Oh, and remember: less than five per cent of births happen on their due date. More on these topics: